Christina Francis, MD

Dr. Christina Francis is a board-certified OB/GYN who currently works in Fort Wayne, Ind. Dr. Francis offers her medical expertise, knowledge of bioethics, and pro-life reasoning both here in the U.S and around the globe.
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Practicing Physician

Her medical expertise and knowledge of bioethics makes Dr. Francis a unique voice in the conversation about human rights and pro-life issues.

Pro-Life Advocate

Dr. Francis has long been passionate about human rights, and after years of serving women and children around the globe, she has returned to her home state to present a compelling case for the value of every human life.

Experienced Speaker

Having spoken to a variety of audiences, Dr. Francis has the ability to communicate a life-affirming message to people of all ages and viewpoints.

Dr. Christina Francis gave a keynote address to 700 youth at our pro-life conference following the Canadian March for Life. Her talk and responses to question contained a perfect mix of reason and heart; factually based in her medical education and experience, while very personal and kind. We only received positive comments about her on the youth’s feedback forms and many requests to bring her back. She was also very warm and approachable off stage (and not high maintenance at all!). I highly recommend Dr. Francis as a speaker.
Marie-Claire Bissonnette
Youth Coordinator at Campaign Life Coalition, Canada

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